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Stainless steel fittings why rust does not rust what is the principle

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Stainless steel fittings why rust does not rust what is the principle

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Lishui Longquan Tower Shijin Kong stainless steel tube Industrial Park is the municipal government in Wenzhou in 2008 investment in the enterprise, there are 15 stainless steel tube manufacturers, in recent years as the stainless steel market conditions bleak, there are several closed and then change the host, There are currently five major enterprises above designated size, the remaining eight small-scale production.

Central Environmental Inspectorate Group stationed in Zhejiang on August 21 inspections, then report the masses to report "Taishi Street Jinggang Industrial Park within the 13 stainless steel pickling plant no acid mist collection and processing facilities, pickling leakage of contaminated groundwater, sewage treatment park Dark red wastewater discharge plant, handling non-compliance. "

On August 27, Longquan City, after receiving the key pieces of letters and visits from the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate, Longquan municipal leaders attached great importance to the major leaders and rushed to the park to carry out joint investigation and handling and conducted on-site supervision.

After two days of investigation, the park a total of 15 stainless steel tube manufacturers. Among them, 13 projects of one-stage gas furnace (oil furnace) to natural gas solid melting furnace passed the inspection and two were undergoing commissioning. Six enterprises did not install acid mist collection and treatment facilities, seven have installed acid mist collection and treatment facilities, two are under construction. The main indicators of the park sewage treatment meet the "Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard" a standard, underground water sampling test indicators meet the national standard, the acid pickling workshop and sewage collection pipe network has not yet found the problem of leakage.

For some enterprises illegal, Longquan City Environmental Protection Agency has issued a "notice of environmental violations," ordered 15 companies to immediately stop rectification, according to the law on the existence of environmental violations of 13 companies to file a case of punishment, it is proposed that the eight are not completed Enterprises responsible for the collection and disposal of acid mist shall be transferred to public security organs for handling according to law.

At present, Longquan City is studying and formulating a plan to upgrade the park and inviting experts to the scene for investigation and guidance so as to effectively "resolutely eliminate the obsolescence, rectify the rectification and reform and accelerate the transformation of the transition." The company shall be ordered to make all-round and whole-process rectification plan in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of environmental protection so as to achieve "reforming one, checking and accepting one and returning to work one."

At present, the environmental protection facilities of the stainless steel pipe manufacturing enterprises in the park are being rectified and can be produced through the inspection and acceptance. Environmental supervision will greatly promote the rising of the stainless steel pipe market. The stainless steel business owners recognize the harm of environmental protection and the liability to the legal persons , Meager profits can no longer go on like this, which day a little profit is not enough environmental protection penalties and bear the legal sanctions confusedly imprisoned still do not know what to do. Stainless steel pipe manufacturers to return to the normal profit margins, after the customer is difficult to buy cheap goods.

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