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Stainless steel joint rotary joint installation tips and stainless steel joints Notes

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Stainless steel joint rotary joint installation tips and stainless steel joints Notes

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Stainless steel rotary joint installation points and precautions

1, stainless steel joint rotary joint after precision manufacturing, handling and storage process should avoid impact, so as not to damage the interface and internal parts.

2, the installation must be concentric with the connecting shaft to ensure the rotation joint operation.

3, the threaded connection of the rotary joint in the installation, should pay attention to the inner and outer pipe thread to whether the direction of rotation of the drum corresponds, and the inner and outer pipe thread rotation should be consistent.

4, the connection between the rotary joint and the pipe must be connected by a hose (our company recommends the use of good metal hose), the absolute prohibition of rigid connections.

5, rotary joint outlet as far as possible directly connected with the hose. To reduce the weight of stainless steel joints, to extend the service life.

6, the inner tube assembly, pay attention to the size and weight of the auxiliary support. Internal rotation stainless steel fittings Rotary joint of the inner tube and fittings recommended H8 / e7 tolerance fit.

7, Rotary joint support and stop rotation should be appropriate, the general rod diameter should be smaller than the stop hole 2mm, so as not to affect the free adjustment and compensation stainless steel joint rotary joint.

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